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Thursday, 20 Jun 2019, 03:46
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We are Mitsuya Donryuu Lancaster Holdings Ltd. We deal in commodities, coal, ferrous and nonferrous materials.
Our main dealing lines include ferro-alloys (ferro silicon, ferro manganese, ferro silicon manganese, ferro niobium, ferro titanium, ferro chrome) , metals and metal products (iron ore, bauxite ore, copper, nickel, nickel ore, galena and zinc) earth and rare earth products (coal, anthracite, phosphor, silica, quartz, zirconium) .
We also deal in plastic injection moulding, pepper, and tobacconist products,
We also deal in commodity futures.
Our company are very well known in the world as the very astute dealer in trading commodities. We will qualify brokers / agents / mandates whether he / she can close the deal or not. Do not worry, we will guide those who want to close the deal, but those who are stubborn enough, with 10 years of general trading experience, we can draw a conclusion as to what kind of situation they are really are.
As the company inception for a General Trading (Kabushiki Kaisha) company, the company incorporated in Japan in 2004, then expand to Australia and Indonesia. The mainhold office occupies at Tokyo, while the trading branch offices are active on the two countries, seeking ways to improve the quality of life of the people for the good of mankind.
The "DONRYUU" Principle
The term "Donryuu" means the Storm Dragon, as we do business like a Storm Dragon, cut to the chase, albeit painful, but immediately know the result at the quickest time.
We do business with SMEs with passion to perform, to help the people to excel, to educate people to surpass their own limitations.

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